About Us

About Us

I & E Specialties, Inc. was established in 1988. We are a roofing/general contractor with a Group 5 GC license and a Group 5 specialty roofing license for the state of South Carolina.

Our completed projects include recreational facilities, schools, apartments buildings, restaurants, state and county buildings, residental roofs, and military facilities. Our experienced estimators, engineers and field installers will take your project fryne Fulom design to completion.

Whether the client is a large corporation or a family-owned, local business, the client wants the same thing: a roofing/construction company like I & E Specialties, Inc. that they can trust to deliver quality and value.

I & E Specialties, Inc. is lead by:

C. Wayne Fulmer, President and Project Manager

Howard Morrow, Project Manager, General Construction and Roofing Division

Mike Shealy, Project Manager

Andre Samon, Field Operations Manager, Roofing Division, Safety Manger

Tony Rowell, Superintendent

Edward Fulmer, Superintendent

Iris Wyndham, Office Administrator



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Meet the Team

Meet the Team Project Engineer

Lexington Project Manager


“Need a quote on your project? Call I & E Specialties, Inc. to schedule. Fast, efficient, reliable and they care about your landscaping!

Last summer, when my husband was searching for a roofing company to re-roof our home, we were determined to find a company that cared about our landscaping as well as our roof project!  We are happy to recommend this company to you, we were impressed not only by their work, but their integrity. We highly recommend I&E Specialties for your new roof. ”


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